Water Aerobics, 30 min

Provides effective cardio and muscle workout. The water resistance is actively used as a tool along the way, and because you are not exposed to shocks under water, the class is extremely gentle on joints and muscles. Come and join in on a fun and cooling workout!

Water Circuit, 30 min

Is a circuit training class in the pool where we train cardio and strength in different stations. The instructor coaches and inspires the guests to effective workout without demands on coordination or high strain on joints.

Crosstraining, 30, 45 or 60 min

A circuit training class where we train cardio and strength in different stations. The instructor coaches and inspires the guests to tough and effective workout without increasing demands on coordination.

Core, 30 min

is functional strength training for our inner and outer abdominal and back muscles in which most of the class is carried out while lying on a mat. The class is perfect to combine with cardio training, strength training, and also works well as an individual training session.

Yoga, 60 min

Here we use a form of yoga based on dynamic postures that are linked by constant movement. Breath and body locks are important elements in the class, and we finish with relaxation. Yoga is aimed at all who wants to try yoga and wants an effective training. Also for you who have not tried yoga before. No shoes required.

Power Step, 60 min

Interval training at its best! Here we layer on intense cardio training on the step board with effective strength training.

Senior Circuit , 30, 45 or 60 min

Consists of functional and varied strength and cardio training in a circuit training format. We use weights, rubber bands and own body weight to make the exercises effective. The class is performed in circuit training format and you can easily adapt the exercises to your own potential. 


Are you in a time-squeeze? We have the solution! Whether your goal is to get in better shape, develop strength, fitness or mobility, or simply get the workout done, this is the perfect and complete exercise class for you – in just 21 minutes.


The ultimate combination of effective and tough workout for both legs, butt and core in just 30 minutes

HIIT the Ground, 30 min - NEW SUMMER 2018

The latest high intensive interval training!
HIIT the Ground is an effective high intensive 30 minutes class. Intervals of strength and shape, are short and intensive. We use our own body weight and gliding mats to challenge core, strength, balance and stability.

The above selection of Fitness Classes is valid until April 2018.